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Re: Irregular Circadian Cycle? Help!

Originally Posted by easygoingguy View Post
Sounds like you alternate between not enough sleep and too much sleep. I read a book called "I Can Make You Sleep" which comes with a relaxation cd you listen at bedtime. The book said do not go to bed if you are not sleepy. And to adjust your sleep pattern, go to bed 1/2 hour earlier, slowly, and you WILL get sleepy earlier. Book has great reviews on Amazon. Hope this helps. I can get to sleep but can't stay asleep.
Thanks for you suggestion! I appreciate it. I can give the CDs a try, but they'll probably bother my husband quite a bit. And let's face it, he has to get up earlier for a more important job

I'm sorry you can't stay asleep. Usually having the room cooler helps me. Though, living in Japan, I get woken by earthquakes a lot (like this morning!).