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Re: Lack of awareness and dull mind? Aged:17?

Hey TamShot,

I'm sorry to hear this is happening to you! It sounds scary and I can see why you're concerned! Can you tell me a little more about it? Do you feel like you're "waking up" in the middle of an activity all the time? Or just once in a while? Have you noticed other issues: sleeping too much or not enough? Having trouble falling asleep? Has you appetite changed? Have you gained weight or are you losing weight? Are you finding things less enjoyable to do? Has anyone noticed these changes? How is it affecting your daily functioning?
Based on what you've said, I'd go and talk to the doctor. It is possible that you're depression is getting worse or something else is going on. Have you talked to your doctor about how you can't pay for medication? Certain chain pharmacies, like Walmart and Target, have something called "the $4 list" where a lot of common medications (generics) are sold for a very low price so that people don't have to skip taking meds because of money concerns. If your doctor knows that you're worried about meds costing too much, they should have some kind of list that tells them what is on "lists" like those at these pharmacies.
Good luck with all of this! I hope you seek help - things like this aren't "normal" and it's important that you do something to take care of yourself! And don't worry about money too much - many places/offices have payment plans, where you can make monthly payments for services if you can't pay it all at once. I use those with all of my appointments b/c I'm a student and don't have enough income to pay things right away. Your health is incredibly important and most places you go should have some kind of system in place to help you out - just ask!