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Re: undate on mom

mom is not doing very well, they are having a hard time controlling the pain with out completly sedating her, yesterday complete sedation was finally giving about 5.00 in the afternoon, I spent most of the day holding her hand trying to ease her fears to no avail, this was probably the very worst day ever for me and for my mom, As she yelled out to let me die, I also died inside a bit.... Her comprehension is still under question as she responding to us but still with a lot of gibberish and sometimes a yes or no or one worded answer...She does have good vitals and the whole hospital knows she has good lungs, she was moving her leg that just had the surgery on the hip and I guess that is a good thing even though it was unintentional. got some good sleep last night, at least 6 hours, so getting ready to go back up and be by her side... The health Care director told me that unless there is a miriacle and mom walks by next friday they have already alocated her placement to someone else... oh well that is the least of our concerns..

Deb this has far surpassed neglect/incompetence, like you thought I do want them to admit to there error, There are problems that need to be attended to and I will be and have already been asking for an internal investagtion on what went wrong, how did this happen with all the checks that go on, where did the communication break down. But I can not forgive them releasing my mom with a shattered hip, she was 5 days without proper pain maintenance, 6 days before the corrective hip surgery and now with an unknow prognossess..It will be a long time if ever that I can forget the awful moaning and groaning and mental angusih that she is going through due to this latest surgery. The sounds keep running through my head...

thanks for the thoughts that you are sending me way,

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