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Post Re: Candida: Ruining my life now, and my future.

Here is my update.

Even healthier diet than before, I am eating more vegetables, less sugar, no caffeine, more fats and more protein. (Caffeine gave me cold hands somehow.) I don't drink milk, small amounts of soymilk, and daily kefir. I supplement with multi-vitamins and also D3. I take flaxseed oils, pau'd arco, oil of oregano and spirulina. I stay active with running, biking and working out.

Good News:
  • Acne
Most about 70% of acne went away from change in diet. What did I change? I removed bread and everything with yeast in it. Since I forgot most breads had loads of yeast in em.
  • Energy
I have been able to gain back some energy after not eating yeast. For example this year I did the pacer test. (Run 100m in between the played beeps on the pacer CD.) They get faster and faster after every ten beeps. This year I did 101 laps, and I came out top of my class. Last year I did 104 laps. I do XC so this is no surprise, but still good.
  • Tests
I got loads of tests done on my blood, urine and stool.
Loads of things were tested, about 25 tests and most came up healthy. Although there was some bad news such as very low vitamin D levels, tested positive for Mononucleosis, and my Deep iron stores were low.

Bad News:
I still have some brain fog, bad short term memory, white tongue, some acne. I have also noticed while doing sit ups I cannot do them smoothly. By that I mean I have lots of muscle twitching in my abs when I do it.. If feel that I cannot focus very well and I am not as happy as before. I feel as if I am always worrying and not enjoying. I feel detached from life. Interaction with other people in person has become more awkward. I get worried about what I say and it always comes out wrong. The supplementation doesn't work very well since I cannot absorb it effectively. My doctor is not helping me since he doesn't know anything about candida..

My Summary of all this:
The Candida is defiantly here, and removing the intake of every food that had yeast defiantly helped. These health problems + life stress is giving me mild anxiety and depression. I feel that if eliminate what causes the candida it will fix all many other problems. I think I need to start seeing some health adviser for myself, because internet research just won't cut it alone.

I need to get this fixed before I am in college, since it will effect a whole hell of a lot. I will not take antibiotics or prescription drugs, I will cure myself naturally. To live happy and healthy.