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Re: Help With Ocular Rosacea

I wonder if any of you suffering "ocular rosacea" or even just "rosacea", have ever had blood tests for thyroid disease? I suffered redness of the cheeks and nose, swollen nose, pustules around that area, and red, dry, gritty and inflamed eyes for many years (along with gynaecological problems, dry skin and hair etc) before finally realising that the problem was my thyroid - my doctor kept saying my thyroid was fine as I wasn't overweight, and my tests were within the range though one was a little too low (FT4) and the other (TSH) a little too high, but in the end had to admit I was right, thanks to my ophthalmologist who finally listened to me and agreed that it could be my thyroid and sent me to have the tests.
I am now on thyroid hormone (and adrenal support because by then I also had bad adrenal fatigue), and my eyes and skin are finally clear! Rosacea really is a symptom and not a disease and I wish doctors would finally realise this and treat patients accordingly, by looking for the underlying cause - probably hormone imbalance and vitamin/mineral deficiencies (all my hormones were severely out of balance and I was really low in some things, like iron and vitamin B12, with high cholesterol, by the time I started treatment).
I heartily recommend having a hormone panel done - it may save you years of more misery and useless medicines for your skin and eyes. I was given metronidazole, both orally and topically, for years without it helping - on the contrary, it ruined my skin, and I'm sure, my liver too! Nothing will work unless you get to the bottom of it.

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Wow 8 years is a long me to battle Occular Rosacea. My eye doctor recommended Refresh Optive eye drops and it helped me to some degree. I accidently bought the "sensitive" Refresh optive and it did not help me, I'm not sure why.
I am now on prescription Restasis for about a year and my eyes are finally improving. On a bad day I still use Refresh optive along with the Restasis.
How did you get diagnosed? Nobody told me for sure, but my Doctor told me she thinks it is Occular Rosacea. The opthamologist is treating me for dry eye.