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Re: Ulnar shortening

Thanks for your response JG1000. I've had some really long days this week and this is the first I've had time to really respond.

I'm glad to hear you are doing well. I hope my progress is as successful as yours has been. I appreciate your tips. I'm sure I'll put them to good use.

I'm right handed and having the surgery on that wrist as well. Thankfully, I don't have the same ligament damage. Right now, mine are just really inflammed. I'm hoping this surgery will help keep me from doing permenant damage since I already hurt it 3 times in the last year. I'm 5 months out from my last sprain and it still hasn't fully healed.

I've been on painkillers before so with regards to the constipation, I'm prepared to deal with that.

If you don't mind, I do have a couple questions though. I'll probably have even more later too.

You state you returned to work after 3 weeks. How long did your doctor actually recommend? Mine said I could return to work after I stopped needing the painkillers during the day and that he expected that to be about a week. Right now, I'm scheduled to return to light duty work after 11 days. Does that sound unreasonable? I'm in a department of 4 and unfortunately another co-worker is also out for surgery at the same time so I'd rather not take off for too long.

Also, what about driving? My orthopedic doctor said I could drive with the cast once I'm off the painkillers. Have you found that to be doable?

You mentioned the shoulder pressure, how bad has that been? I had decompression surgery on my right shoulder, same arm as where I'm having surgery this time, a couple years ago. My shoulder is prone to subluxation and the muscles are already frequently tight. I'm concerned about it getting worse. I spoke to my doc they won't do anything for the shoulder until I have problems enough to warrant their help.

I'm scheduled to be in the long arm cast for 10-14 days, then a short arm one for 4 weeks, then a splint.

I'm a bit concerned since I live alone. I have help 24/7 for the first 6 days. After that, I'm on my own. I'm not sure yet how well I'll cope and I'm worried. Any suggestions on things I could do to prepare in advance would be appreciated as well.

Thanks again. Take care.

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