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Over one month after stapedectomy - hearing is deteriorating

My husband, 44 years old, suffering from otosclerosis, had stapedectomy on his right ear in 1993. At that time he was recommended to operate the second ear after one years break but he did not. His right ear hears OK but is slightly deteriorating over years.

Lately his left ear has gone so much worse that he decided to go for another stapedectomy. We had him operated 21st December 2011. CT scan & surgery discovered that his nerve is by birth is not in the bony canal. Nevertheless the doctor still managed to place the piston at a slightly different angle.

A week after surgery he got 'super' hearing telling he could hear every bird on the tree.

After 25 days after surgery my husband had to fly a 3 + 9 hours flight

Now we are 1 month and 10 days after surgery and the hearing in his freshly operated ear has gone worse than what it was before teh surgery, at least that is what he feels.

Can you please help with opinions and/or similar experiences. I read in the internet that its too early to jump into conslusion until 3 months after surgery...Negative internet finding describe some stape slips & nerve damage in other patients.

Doctor says this is NOT normal and probably happened because of the flight. He suggests we need to give it some time and see what happens.

Do you think we are running into a danger of hearing loss in the operated ear? I heard there is only 1% chance of losing hearing after stapedectomy...Is it possible to use hearing aid in such cases?

We are positive and full of hope but quite worried as to what to expect. Will highly appreciate your help and time you are going to spend to answer us.

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