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Re: How have your strokes changed you for the better?

I started out as a pretty positive person before my strokes..which probably helped. But, there came a point in which I realized without doubt that my strokes were the reason for a great change in me, that I was really grateful for.

the first signs of it came when I found this place, and found others who I could really relate to, and even help by sharing my experiences. After loosing my ability to do the work I had devoted my entire life to, I really felt lost and invisible. Instead of being out in my community every single day, I was in my pajamas in my house, alone and confused. I couldn't see my way out.

When I realized that I still had something to offer, even right at home for compete strangers, I felt my heart begin to soar for the first time in several years. From there, I found other things I could do from my home, in my pajamas. I could write!

I changed my focus from outside the house to inside. That seemed to change my thinking from outside myself to inside myself, and that is where the big changes happened. I became much more centered and down to earth. I wrote letters to my family members, making another kind of connection that was much deeper and more real. The response was very positive, which made me feel good. I found myself much closer to my children, one who was across the country. To this day, I write, him a letter every single week without fail, which he has told me mean so much to him. He keeps them in a special box, every one of them. That warms my heart.

In a nutshell, my strokes changed me into a better person. Although I am quite different than the old me, I am a better me. I now feel I can face anything, as I overcame the most difficult thing a person could, and prevailed. Since then I have has some very very heartbreaking events in my life, and I have taken them on with confidence that i gained from my stroke experience. I feel I can face anything and get through it. That alone is the best thing I could ask for, as life will continue to challenge me. It is so nice to know that I will not crumble, I will not give in.