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Re: Lack of awareness and dull mind? Aged:17?

Hey Lee,

Thank you so much for your reply and I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply sooner.

To answer your questions, I feel like I'm waking up from a dream, once in a while, but it could last a long period of time, if you get what I mean. Like.. say.. in a period of ten minutes, I could get the sensation of waking up about 5 -15 times, over and over. I think I sleep regularly, possibly sometimes a few hours longer or shorter than others, but it does take me a while to fall asleep. Once I have though, I sleep fine. As for my appetite? I don't think I've ever really had much of one. I don't eat much during the day, possibly something light every now and then, and then pretty much just dinner, or half of dinner. My weight varies often I find. It skips between 45kg - 55kg usually, and I'm about average height. I do find a lot of activities less enjoyable to do, mainly because I can never concentrate on it long enough to really get into it, and I find myself zoning out and staring at a wall a lot of the time because of this. My mum pointed out that lately I've been getting snappy, angry and frustrated easily, which is unusual for me because I'm usually very patient, accepting and quiet. Yes, it affects my daily functioning terribly, which is why it's scaring me more. Because of it, I've dropped out of school, simply because it was pointless in being there. I wasn't learning anything at all, because nothing stuck in my head no matter how much I studied, listened and even wrote over and over and over. I currently have a job, only subway, and I'm getting in trouble a lot, because they think it's just air-headedness. I drop things a lot, I mess things up, get orders wrong, forget what an order is, add the wrong ingredients to things, deal out wrong change, and don't realise any of this until it's too late. And no matter how hard I try to stay focused, I simply can't. I'm scared that soon I'm going to get fired, and I really cannot afford to be.

Thank you for your tip about the payment plans and th Target list too. I'll see if Australia has anything like that. I'm not sure. When I can afford to see a doctor, I'll definately ask.

Thanks so much again,