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Re: Codependent and Totally Confused - Please help

Originally Posted by Liberty2012 View Post
Thank you Haydena. I appreciate your response.

I am doing just that. Still meeting up and enjoying each other's company. We have had a few conversations since my last post, and he expects nothing from me in terms of committing to a relationship. He did suggest though, that if I spoke to someone about the things I am carrying around from my previous relationship, I might then view someone in recovery differently, as in, it wouldn't scare me so much to start a relationship with them.

Honestly, do you think it is asking for trouble to get involved with someone in recovery?

Thank you so much!
Hi Liberty,

No I dont think it is asking for trouble for you to get involved with someone in recovery. I say give the guy a chance & yourself aswell!

He is so right in that you should speak to someone about your previous problems in your last relationship. To be able to learn to let go of the bad memories you encountered. Sometimes we all need professional guidance to be able to get rid of our demons. You could also discuss your feelings about this new man in your life with the professional you see.

However, I must admit that there is always the chance that he could return to alcohol & drugs. I hope not. I am trying hard not to judge this man!

You did not answer if he is still attending or has ever attended any kind of recovery classes??

All you can do is take it slowly & trust your own judgement. Like, take one day at a time.

Let me know what you decide.

PS. Does he work?
I have just re-read you post # 1 here where you ask, ''or am I setting myself up for a fall guy by growing closer to & risking falling for yet another addict.''
Liberty he is not an addict any longer & has been clean for sometime.
Can you please tell me how long he has been clean for?

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