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Re: Bad Cough and cold

Originally Posted by Booksilly View Post
I have been sick since last Saturday with a cold that started off with a cough, but the cough seems to have gotten worse and the cold has not subsided. I have used Robitussin and just recently NyQuil, but to no avail on getting rid of this bad cough that just seems to wrack my body. I have slight weezing, but I do not have asthma. I called my doctors office today and all they can suggest is going to the hospital, but I would rather not have to spend hours in an emergency room waiting to find out what might be wrong with me.
I have exactly identical situation now. I got in on Saturday too like you and have it till now. I never used to have cold with intense coughing. I haven't used medicine, but tried herbal teas all the time to relax my body. Drinking something hot and then going to rest looks usually good. Try consuming as much as water you can too. But if you have the infection down to your lungs it may need some attention I guess. I seem to have my lungs infected too but not too badly. I try to throw out mucus by coughing deliberately. Hope I'm doing the right thing lol. I feel destroyed at all since saturday and now finally I have nasal congestion too.