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Re: Codependent and Totally Confused - Please help

Hello again Haydena. Thanks for your reply.

He is indeed attending regular AA meetings, he is working his way through the 12 steps at the minute, and he has regular contact with his sponser. He has now been sober for about 14 months as far as I remember. He had several years of sobriety under his belt and then has a slip which lasted over a year.

He seems very level-headed and is working hard on his education and developing other interests.

I think it's a major leap of faith that I'm scared of taking, and perhaps if spoke to someone that fear would go. If this situation resulted only in my leaving the past behind, surely that could only be a good thing. But the fear has to be gone before I commit to anything more than friendship. This may be a slow process!

Thank you for your interest and response. I appreciate your input!

PS. He does work!

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