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Re: How have your strokes changed you for the better?

Oh Janet good quetion. How has my stroke changed me for the better. Well it did changed my life for the better. The first year of recovery was pretty difficult mentally and it took its toll on me. I was so afraid and hung up on my disabilities. I thought my life was over there was no way I was going to recover from it. The fear of having another one and the changes it made in my life caused my spirit to freeze.
Then one day I was sitting on the side of my bed crying and it occured to me that I could have died. But I didnt. Why was I saved from that? I started to imagine that I was saved for a reason to have a better life and I had a second change to make that happen. My old life was filled with stress. Things I worried about now I see as rediculous and so not important. I was so unhappy in my old life. I became determined to love the quiet. My surroundings became more of a tranquile enviorment and I surrounded myself with things I loved. I got up every day and promised myself I would find one good thing and elaborate on it. Oh I stilled cried and I still had my moments but suddenly part of my day was spent happy and being glad I was still here. A darlin friend gave me yoga steps to relaxation so the anxiety got easier to deal with. I stopped looking at what I couldnt do and started focusing on what I could do, wanted to do, new and great things that I have always wanted to do and never had the time. Since I was 10 years old I have wanted to write. Never had the time, well now I do. I have always wanted to improve my sketching and paint. Now I can. Im very fortunate to be able to persue those dreams.
Since then I have had many wonderful things happen in my life and I have the time to enjoy them as they should be. I am thankful to be given this second chance.
Yes I still have my feeling sorry for myself days but they are fewer and fewer. The most important thing that happened and was truly my saving grace was finding this stroke board. I found it just before my 1st anniversay of my stroke and I Thank God I did. Everyone here knew what I was talking about, how I felt. They cried with me and laughed with me. A Family, and I pulled so much strength from the love and care I found here. Yes my life is better because of the stroke. I was saved and given a second chance and Im not waisting one moment of it. Thanks for Asking
God Bless Mulchie

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