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Re: Mania????

Thanks Tori for replying,

Its quite hard to get access to a phsychatrist in the uk, we see our GP first and they can refer us but its to go through a counsillor first or alt through a telephone hot line. (well in my area at least). I don't really trust the hotline as i dont think they have any reason not to talk to people about what i've spoken to them about and the same with councillors. My doc said I was depressed, the problems I've been having with my sleep for examples, where i click awake or take ages to get to sleep he says are symptoms of my depression. I haven't in fair spoken to him about the feelings I've had the last week or so, (sex, racing thoughst ect). The reason I'm so wary is that the last time I was suffereing from depression he had me on three different anti-depressants over 6 months and I'm scared of i'm just changing the meds or telling me stop. I was on, citralpram, mirtazpine and reboxitine. Also had zopiclone and zolpidolw to make me sleep.

I dont know if i should go speak to my doc or not - my boyfriend thinks i overreact to everything so I havent really spoke to him about its but he is getting annoyed with my increase in sex drive (but as he's having a hard time just now he might not have even noticed).