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Question ANA 1:160 speckled and ESR 25... I am confused :(


I've had a positive ANA twice, or at least I thought it was considered positive. I was last tested in Dec and the nurse explained that the 1:160 was positive speckled (my most recent result) and the 25 ESR meant that there was some inflammation present. I just got home from an appointment today with a different rheumy (he has these records from the other doc) and he said that everything looks fine so he doesn't feel the need to do any further testing at this time. I have had other tests which have been negative, I wouldn't say the whole gamut, but a good number.

He suggested PT to see if the chronic pain/symptoms that I'm having is either myofascial pain syndrome, fibro, or both. I guess I am just confused because from the nurse's conversation, I thought that a positive result would prompt more tests maybe? Unless it is not positive and just nothing worse pursuing. I don't know...

Thanks all.

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