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Re: ANA 1:160 speckled and ESR 25... I am confused :(

Wow, you guys are great and with great advice. I do get sick almost on a 3-4 month pattern...actually Apr, Aug, and then Dec of this year and it always feels the same; fever, chills, my regular flu-like body aches get even more intense, nausea, etc. I always think that I have the flu, but when they do the flu test it comes back negative. My lungs will sound okay and the GP won't know so she assumes it bacterial based off of the symptoms and gives me antibiotics. I will write things down like this and additional information and start keeping a journal. I've seen many people do that for their aches and pains.

I do take a few prescription medications for migraine prevention and polycystic ovarian syndrome so maybe some or a lot of these symptoms could be from the meds (*symptoms include: thinning hair/hair loss, insomnia, cold intolerance, digestive problems, photosensitivity, small circular red rashes that come and go, extreme reaction to bug bites, chronic pain (jaw, shoulders, back, buttocks, hips, and feet that is usually flu-like deep achy pain; neck always feels stiff; lower back, butt, and hips hurt very badly after I sit for awhile), tenderness in certain areas; aggravated from pressure of sitting or lying down, burning pain in my knees, legs, and shoulders when I try to exercise, dry eyes, some arm and hand weakness, possible swollen lymph nodes under the arms - I keep forgetting to bring that up, memory problems, headaches/migraines, difficult menstrual cycles...hmm those are the ones that I can think of now). But if that is the case and the doc(s) think so, I just wish that someone would tell me. It makes me feel as if they are not listening or taking me seriously.

I’ve had three appointments so far with two different rheumatologists and they both have gone in the direction of "Could be fibro…not sure…try this and we’ll see how it works for now.” This most recent doctor had fibro listed as the diagnosis in the notes before I went to the first appointment and filled out my paperwork for him (it’s at a large hospital and all the doctors can use the same network for notes, medication records, lab tests etc…well I could see it because it showed up in my profile when I log in). I don’t think that I would be so resistant to the idea of a fibro diagnosis if it just seemed that any of my other symptoms mattered.

Anyway, I’ve yammered on enough now. I just want you to know how much I appreciate the advice and information that you both have given me, and the fact that you took the time out of your day to help. You often hear that if there are certain indicators, then those should lead you to do more tests. But I’ve never heard it put in this way and it makes sense. I guess I just need to really put some more thought into this.

Also, how can you tell when you have a good doctor who thinks that there might be something developing? Mine seem to be the same, even the neurologists that I've been to. They take notes, nod in agreement, make a couple of comments to a few questions that I might have, and then give their thoughts (which as you know, have been the same). If I'm asking for too much, my apologies.

And thanks again...I cannot thank you enough.