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Re: Difficulty/Restricted Breathing


I absolutely have breathing problems associated with my GERD. In fact, I would say that is one of my biggest symptoms. I get a constricted feeling in my throat like I am not getting enough air and then I start yawning a lot and I get really tired. It only happens when I have a GERD flare-up- more than the burning sensation it is this chest tightness and shortness of breath that gets to me. I know it is very scary. Once a doctor told me that feeling like I need to gasp for air is because of the acid build-up. It is always worse after eating and at night. Sometimes sipping on cold water helps me for whatever reason; I think it's more of a calming thing than it really does anything medically. I am also on Prilosec for years now, and most of the time it helps but lately not at all. I also tried Zantac twice a day but did not like it. I've had my oxygen levels tested and an EKG- both normal, so I think I am actually getting enough oxygen it just feels like I'm not because I have so much acid coming up that it's causing a lot of discomfort. It usually also helps me to stand up and walk around a little to get some fresh air. Sitting or lying down make it worse. Exercising is difficult. I hope you feel better, it is a terrible and terrifying symptom. I've also read apple cider vinegar can help, which I'm going to try next if my symptoms don't go away.

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