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Question Negative tests, so what is it?

Hi everyone.

I am a 40 year old female.

New here and seeking help. I've been experiencing what may be considered migratory joint pain for close to a year.

I have a lot of cracking and popping in my joints. Have always had some, but its gotten a lot worse and does it in joints that never used to. I also have pretty severe joint pain off and on. Some days it will be one or both shoulders and a knee. Other days it will be the other shoulder, hip and lower back. It seems to move around but so far is mostly both shoulders, both knees and left hip. My fingers are swollen, stiff and sore in the mornings, but other than that I have noticed no swelling in the joints.

Over the past 6+ months I've been given anti-inflammatory pills as well as general and targeted steroid injections. The shots help for a little while, but not long.

Just recently I convinced my GP to run some blood tests because the pain is getting worse and worse.

RF - negative
ANA - negative
Sed Rate - Normal (4)
CBC - all normal
Thyroid - normal

Just yesterday she drew blood for a Lyme titer but I won't have those results back for a week or two. I don't remember any kind of tick bite rash, but I do live in rural Oklahoma so its possible.

I also sometimes get sharp shooting nerve type pains down my thighs and forearms, and in my wrists.

Any ideas? She said if the Lyme test is negative, she will refer me to a rheumatologist. Really tired of hurting and not knowing why

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