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Re: Difficulty/Restricted Breathing

Thank you all for your advise.
I hadnt heard of the apple cider vinegar before but will definately give this a go as i am getting desparate.
Things started to calm down and the breathing started to get easier and then thursday last week it came back with a vengence. Everynight is a struggle to get through and i know that if i panic i will make it worst so i just try to keep calm which is so difficult.
I have been referred for an urgent endoscopy as my heamoglobin levels were low when i had my blood tested. Endoscopy is tuesday next week so i am so hoping that they find something wrong, i know i shouldnt wish for that but then hopefully they can go about putting it right.

Has anyone else had an endoscopy for this and did it show anything.
i was wondering if it was being caused by a hiatal hernia, is there no cure except PPI. Currently taking Lanzoprazole and doctor has put me on Diazepam temporary just to help me get through.

Thanks again for any help or advise.