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Re: Getting approval from doctor for disability

Hello BlueSkies,

You asked me: "How long have you been on STD? Is LTD provided by the same insurance company who approved the STD? My STD was administered in-house by the company I worked for. You are on STD so your doctor must have filled out the necessary paperwork for that. Why not ask him/her if your STD runs out and you are still sick, would they support your claim for LTD?"

STD - a little over a month now have been on STD - my company I work for pays for it. Will last no more than 12 weeks, unless apply for an extension.
LTD - is through an insurance company, by premiums I pay into at work.
Yes, my doctor signed the STD forms with no reservations. I was really shocked, but, so glad he did. My insurance is not going to give me the gammagard drug; the immunologist there said "you really don't have an immune deficiency disorder unless you IGg level is below 400. What a line of bull! I am very angry!

I am deficient in IG 650, sublcasses 1 and 3, which have to do with recurring infections and lung infections.

We now are applying for the CVIG drug, but there is a 6 month pre-existing condition clause., so therefore, I will have to go on LTD until I can get this drug, then be re-evaluated. I am certain the Kaiser doctors will not support me for LTD, but they might, so I have to have this talk again with my Immunologist. I am praying he does support this. Again, I feel nervous about asking, because if I get turned down, there is really no one else who could help me.

Thanks for your help, BlueSkies!


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