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Re: Something I need to get off my chest

Originally Posted by Leasy617 View Post
I just HAD to write this down and I thought this would be the place that would understand.
I am SOOOOOO tired of explaining myself and my illness to people.
There is NO WAY in this world that anyone would EVER tell a person with cancer or someone paralyzed in a wheel chair, just snap out of it, pray and read your bible and things will get better. So WHY, do they insist on telling people who suffer from mental illness, oh it's just in your head, just snap out of it, oh that's just of the devil, read your bible and pray and you'll be ok?
I do pray every day, and read my bible, but I can't snap out of it....I wouldn't know how to snap out of it. I have an illness, I don't WANT to have this, but I do. If one more person tells me to just snap out of it, I'm going to snap alright.....Grrrrrrr
I think it's because it's an illness that you can't see, like you can see if someone is in a wheel chair, the the effects of someone who has cancer, but you can't see mental illness, so if they can't see it, then it must not be there.....right?
Ok, I got that off my chest Now I feel ALL better

I totally get what you are saying. Like Mscat, I am also a mental health sufferer. For a longtime, there was a stigma attached with anyone considered having a mental illness. Altho it is discussed more openly today, many people are still in the closet so to speak and feel reluctant to tell anyone except the doctor or mental health specialist who is treating them for fear as being labeled crazy. For many years, I was convinced I had some horrible physical illness and the doctors could not discover what it was so they labeled me a mental patient.

I am actually a late comer to mental illness. My life was great until about age 28 when I started feeling weird, like I was seriously ill. After I had my 1st panic attack which felt like a heart attack to me, it was downhill from there. I was able to work for 20 years with the aid of Rx meds but age and tolerance to meds after all those years finally took its toll on me and now I find myself unable to work.

Don't feel bad Leasy617. Mental illness is really no different than a purely physical illness. Something has simply gone wrong with the wiring in the organ we call the brain and we feel these very painful emotions in what we call the mind. Everyone gets anxious and depressed from time to time but when an anxiety or depressive disorder causes you to feel these things all the time, intensely, with no cause, it can be devastating to your life.

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