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Re: Vivid dreams of killing people

Originally Posted by chrisallen19 View Post
okay so lately ive been having these weird dreams about my exgirlfriend and the new guy shes been dating..... i need help, i need to know what these mean.
Sounds to me like you've been experiencing 'anger problem' triggered by the current situation, .... broke up and seeing your ex-girlfrined with her new boyfriend.

In my knowledge along with the experience, if you have any mental problems, particularly Bipolar which has anger/rage issue along with depression and other mental issues, people with Bipolar are prone to succumb 'anger' when the unfortunate circumstanes, i.e. seperation, a loss of job, death of loved one and other unlucky matters occur.

In your description, the weird dream could be related to a deep anger brought by Bipolar you already dealing with. For help/alleviate the current issue, you would seek a talk-therapy along with increase medications(if the doc. allows), even talk to a good friend. Also, try to keep busy not to think about too much by walking, reading and any other things to keep you occupied. Also, dog, cat and any other pet-animals are a terrific therapy to folks with mental illnesses.