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Weight loss is Impossible it seems.

Quick history, Was 150-180 lbs and in excellent condition until married at 30, gained 100 lbs in 9 years had massive heart attack at 38. Lost 87 pounds and kept it off basically for about 10 years. I was fast walking 4 miles per day, power lifting another 30-40 minutes and swimming 45 minutes all 5-6 times per week. Since MI eat healthy as when I was younger, got rid of the wife, eat veggies, fruit, chicken, no red meat and plenty of salmon. Cholesterol is in the high 90's.
OK problem, I for some reason started to gain weight and was getting tired beyond believe. At times having to pull over and would fall asleep in my car for 4-6 hours. Was doing much less at the gym. By my count I was eating about 1000 calories per day. Got so bad I was sleeping 18-20 hours per day and gaining a pound every few days. I topped out at 287 lbs. and only 5'6".
So to the cardiologist he does all these test and my EF is still at 30% and 50%, BP up to 150/97. He sends me to blood Dr. and am diagnosed with Polycythomia Vera, to thick of blood and way to much. I now go for a blooding sometimes monthly sometimes 2-3 times per month.
OK so I say and my cardio. insists I lose weigh no kidding I feel like crud. I am now on a water bill maybe temp at the dr.s orders.
I for months have been eating well again, exercising although not like I was not yet anyway just walking and light weights. Write down everything I eat and most stay at 650-950 calories, very little fat and no cholesterol. I have noticed water weight gone and only lost a total of EIGHT pounds in a month. What am I doing wrong or is this OK? I would think of much more weight lose by this point. I am 50 and stay pretty active.
Thanks for any responses in advance.

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