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Re: Vestibular Migraine

I have vestibular migraines also. I understand completely in regards to feeling like many doctors don't understand or recognize this type of migraine. It took the drs about a year to figure out that i had vestibular migraines. I've been on about every kind of medication out there with little success. After 4yrs of being very debilitated from these migraines. I discovered by accident that antihistimes helped me the most and was able to quit taking many of the other meds(which I thought had worse side effects than the migraines and really only made me feel drugged and did little to improve my condition.) Another thing that helped me a lot was going thru vestibular rehabilitation/therapy.

I hope my advice can help some of you. Hang in there and find what works for you. After 4 yrs of struggling with these migraines, I'm finding that I finally learning how to manage them and feel like myself again.