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stomach ulcer

Hi all...
Im trying to find out whats wrong with me!!!!
Im beginning to think its a stomach ulcer of some sort.
this has been going on since the end of november with alot of different symptoms.
at the moment my main symptoms are...
#sharp darting pain just under breast bone, this comes and goes but can always feel a gnawing.
#worsens as i begin to get hunger
#salty foods make it worse.. i think!
#if i lean over i can feel the pain worse

i take gaviscon after most meals now. i do not have reflux, heartburn, indigestion.
iv had xray, bllod test and an ultra sound... all clear. but an ultra sound dosent examine the stomach.
can anyone please help? Its driving me mad!!
Im going back to doc this morning but would like any advice you can offer.
Thanks a million

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