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Re: Diagnosed with Bell's Palsy 11 days ago

Originally Posted by artemisthegreat View Post
Thanks for the info, Harry. My mother was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy yesterday, we are now very relieved because at first it appeared to seem like a stroke (which killed my father two years ago).

I've read that younger people tend to recover quicker. This is day 3 and I am hoping that she heals up quickly, I hope you heal up quickly too. I didn't even know about this crazy ailment until today.

Good luck! Thanks again, please keep sharing the progress.

Hey, Im about 37 days into it now. I've gotten better, but still not 100% yet (maybe 40% at best). Most of the time now I forget I have it, combination of getting use to it and it getting better. I still put drops in my eye often, every now and then its difficult to pronounce certartain words. I can't whistle, smile normal, or my eye blink on it's own.

The biggest lingering effect that I've had, that upsets me the most is my hospital bill. Nothing like having no choice but to go to the hospital, and then have them charge ridiculously expensive fees for every little thing they do. Such a rip off, maybe one day they will do something to fix the medical system, but I doubt it. Next time I wont go, and take my chances that it isn't something serious, I can't afford to spend $1000 for a EKG $2,000 for cat scan, and all the other associated tests they run you though just as "precautions". My less than 2 hour visit to the ER, they charged me $5,500 for everything.

As far as your mother, just let her know like any thing else, time heals. It just takes time, but time moves so fast before you know it things will be improving and eventually she will be back to normal. I've had doctors tell me that there is a 95% chance that you will go back to normal, but some people don't. However I don't recall one person online posting that they got bells palsy and didn't eventually get back to normal, or real close to it. It just seems to varry how long from person to person. Some people 3 weeks, some a year or two.

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