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Re: Negative tests, so what is it?

Originally Posted by rileygirl View Post
Thank you for your reply!

That is definitely something I will look into. I got a call from the nurse today and she said that my Lyme titer is negative, so I guess that's out.

I really don't have any swelling or visible redness/inflammation in my joints that I or my doctor can see. The only swelling is my fingers in the morning and they "loosen up" after I use them for a while.

I had a steroid shot on Wednesday which has helped the joint pain a lot (temporarily, of course) but the little shooting nerve pains I get in my knees, thighs, arms, etc. are either much worse, or I just notice them more since the joints are relieved somewhat.

Should I have her do any x-rays or wait until I see a rheumatologist and have them check things?
When do you see a rheumatologist? I have very similar symptoms and I have palindromic rheumatoid arthritis. I did have a positive rheumatoid factor and also a very high anti ccp, however, you can test negative and still have arthritis. I can have pain in one joint that can be gone hours later or pain in a number of joints that can last a week. If you do have palindromic arthritis, any x-rays will come back as normal. It does not cause lasting joint pain. PRA is supposedly a "rare" disease, however, I have also read that it could be just new onset RA. You def. need to see a rheumatologist. Your symptoms sound suspiciously a lot like mine did. I did have swelling though (shoulder) as I was unable to move my arms, but there are many types of arthritis and symptoms can vary widely.