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Re: Mom, 81 Broke Hip

I agree with Deb, finding the right cocktail for your mom so that she is settled and happier is the right thing to do. Facilities cannot handle the agression, caretakers can't handle the aggression and you cannot handle the agression. It's too much and at that point you are left with know options except the worst kind. Having her medicated correctly is not bad and would probably make her feel more comforted too. My husband's family always turn a blind eye because they don't want to face anything. My MIL did chase away a caregiver, make that two and threw an object at one of them. Right now one is working but she's going through money like everything and in the end they'll have to put her in a home not based on selection but what medicare will put her in. The family says "what if we medicate her and it kills her" For real? AZ are in such a hyped up state that even pschotic medication isn't much. Doctors that deal in geriatric issues and AZ can work this out. My prayers go out to you.