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Thank you both for the support. Our visit was really good. I got a LOT done. Still have a ton to do. Thought I would update you all on a very scary incident that occurred while we were there. We knew my dad had at least two guns and determined that we would remove them. So one day, my little brother says, "Hey Dad, where's your gun?" My dad tells him it's in a bag by his recliner and asks my brother to hand it to him. I was sitting about 2-3 feet from my dad on the floor sorting through papers from his safe deposit box. My dad pulled out a 40 cal Smith and Wesson. I asked if it was loaded and he said no so I asked him to check and make sure. I heard the slide being pulled back, glanced up, saw no bullet and leaned my head down to continue sorting. What happened next will probably bother all of us for some time to come. Just as I began to sort again, I heard my dad release the slide. And immediately, there was a very loud POP. He hadn't taken the magazine out of the gun and when he pulled the trigger to finish checking to see if it was loaded, it fired a hole into the floor. Thank God I didn't ask him about the gun over the phone. I would have had a heart attack if I had heard a gunshot over the phone. My brother took the gun, unloaded it, and put it in his bedroom. I told my dad I didn't think he needed it and that my husband had been searching for a handgun for some time and offered to buy it from him. He agreed. Next we needed to know what other guns he owned. Turns out he was carrying a loaded rifle in the toolbox in the bed of his truck. After finally getting the jammed bullet out we decided to tell him that I had messed it up getting the bullet out and that my brother would take it to his friend to "fix" my mistake. So no more guns. I don't think I could ever stress enough how scary that was and would encourage anyone with a relative suffering from dementia to get the guns away. Thankfully, only the floor suffered. But anything could have happened.
I talked to my dad today and he was having a lot of trouble conversing and paying attention. The attention thing is new. At least this was the first time I had noticed it. My little brother pointed out that I fill in words for my dad a lot.
I do feel better after my visit. Feel like I got some important things going. Now I'm just praying that until the time comes to move him he will remain safe and happy.
On another note, I called him last night and he answered the phone, "I heard the phone ringing and I knew it would be you. Not many people call me but I know you will call me a lot." It warmed my heart that he knows I love him but saddened me that either other people aren't calling (like my siblings) or he doesn't remember their calls. Maybe he remembers mine because I do call a lot.
Anyways, I hope this post finds you all happy, healthy, and as sane as you can be.
Love, Lee
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