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Re: Could I be hypothyroid? Please see labs

Originally Posted by midwest1 View Post
I urge you... If you don't get them this time, see as many MDs as it takes to get that diagnosis.

Thank you so much!
I had a few blood tests done this morning. I noticed the requisition form from my RE did not have the FT3 on it, despite my asking for it TWICE. They will be checking for antibodies though.
So, I called my PCP from the lab and asked if she could fax over a req for some vitamin levels and FT3 and, in a rather hostile tone (I don't even know the woman), she told me that my thyroid labs were fine and that the infertility thing was turning me into a hypochondriac. She did not use the word directly but her meaning was clear. So, she refused to do any testing and said it was not my place to ask for tests. I wanted to have my ferritin, magnesium and retinol levels checked but I guess I will have to wait until I can find another PCP. This kind of BS is really disheartening.