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Re: I seem to have a strange cold like symptoms going on 9 days now?

Originally Posted by RS23BT View Post
I'm amazed at what you wrote! It was the exact same thing with me, the lingering congestion in the left ear which was the last to go!! As all my other cough, congestion, etc. had cleared up, I stopped the Mucinex, and just went to a basic antihistimine. I found within a week of taking Claritin D, my congestion -- and left ear had cleared up. I also still use the saline spray frequently and steam inhalation once a day.

Good luck.


Yes I am on Claritin and a prescription nose spray which seems to clear up the congestion. My son went to the doctors yesterday and they concluded it was allergies so they put him on a nose spray as well. I am convinced it is due to this wacky weather. My dog is suffering from allergies too. It is still lingering and it is annoying.