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Smile Re: Esophogeal and Stomach cancer newly diagnosed

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My husband was just diagnosed with esophogeal and gastric cancer. The esophogeal was an adenocarcinoma low grade( what does that mean?) but is in the lower 1/3 of esophagus. the stomach cancer is located in cardiac and fundus regions. He is 66 and has been proactive with annual physicals, skin cancer screenings, has had 3 colonoscopies since age 50( small polyps removed). He's had chest x-rays as part of work related asbestos exposure and was clean.... symptoms appeared a couple of months ago in November. He thought it was related to a new medication, then was put on Prilosec and told to give it time to work. He does have a history of chewing tobacco, but has not chewed for approximately 5-6 years. He chewed for approximately 10 years after quitting smoking. He's had EGD and a CT. Is scheduled to start chemo in 4 days....needs to have a liver biopsy in 3 days to see if a spot is cancer or not. The gastroenterologist oncologist said he does not think my husband's condition is curable, but it is not hopeless and is morst concerned about the spot on the liver. This is something we didn't expect....thought the symptoms would be less vague especially since he has been in pretty good health previously. He now gets full quickly and with the esophogeal tumor, has problems with swallowing and can only have soft diet as there appears to be a stricture. Looking for some hope.
I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in late December. It is certainly scary; the unknown drives me crazy. I had my first chemo treatment on Monday; so far so good. I guess the side effects are based on the drugs they use for the chemo. My side effects have been pretty mild, so far. A little nausea; they gave me tons of drugs to fight it. I have not thrown up. I have been extremely tired and sleepy and have had a mild headache. The worst has been the tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. The tingling is aggravated by cold or by touching metal. The physician recommended wearing gloves--yes, inside or outside the house. It does help; but it rather aggravating. My next treament is scheduled for the 27th. After a third treatment, they will be evaluating whether or not they can do surgery to remove my stomach. Then there will be more chemo. My only advice is to take one day at a time; hope for the best rather than the worst. Please stay in touch.