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Thank you all for your suggestions. I will have to try the oil and the cream. I had a cream prescribed by my doctor for a while but it never really cleared it up. I am pretty convinced now that I have only Sjogren's along with the osteo-arthritis in my knee. I don't believe it is Sero Negative RA. I

I just want them to settle on one diagnosis so I can start taking care of it. My Rheumy hasn't prescribed anything for me because she can't decided what I have !

I have a pain specialist that is helping me with the Fibromyalgia and my Migraines but he doesn't want to prescribe Plaquenil unless my doctor is sure that I have RA or Sjogren's. I go see my Rheumy in March so hopefully some of this will be settled then. Thanks again for the comments and suggestions! Hope everyone has a pain free day!
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