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Re: New to Exercise, want to do it right!


You are already doing more than most people! I am assuming that your main goal right now is to lose the weight? It is a very good idea to do strength training with cardio, but if your primary goal is to lose weight you need to live by the simple formula of burning more calories than you take in. You can run/walk 20 miles a day but if you go and eat two large pizzas it won't matter.
Your diet sounds great. One day write down everything you eat and figure out the calories then compare it to how many calories you're burning every morning. Remember it's all about balance.
Once you get to the weight you are looking for, that's when you can start more intense strength training. I am not saying you should wait until then to do strength training, I am saying that you should wait to start intense training. What you are doing now is great for weight loss. Try to work some cardio into your weight sets to keep your heart rate up-- do jumping jacks or running in place or jump rope.
Dedication is the first and hardest step, so keep that and you are on your road to success.