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Re: Getting approval from doctor for disability

There is a wealth of information on the internet:

It is important to consider that the concentrations of IgG subclasses vary up or down over time and the normal ranges used in different laboratories also vary. Normal values are usually“defined”as those values between two standard deviations below and above the average for that person’s age. Unfortunately, that may give the impression to some physicians and patients that individuals below the second standard deviation are abnormal when 2.5% of normal individuals fall below this level. The finding of a mild IgG subclass deficiency should prompt re-evaluation over a period of months before calling that person abnormal. Subclass deficiencies need to be interpreted by taking into account the clinical status of the patient as well as the ability to produce specific antibodies in response to childhood vaccines.

Typically propholactyic antibiotics are used then if necessary, IVIG. Trying to provide information on diagnostics and treatments so you are aware of the steps typically required to "make insurance companies happy". Good luck.