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vitamin D deficiency. does that explain my symptoms?

hi, i joined this website because i was hoping to find other people going through the vitamin D nightmare like me!

i am a 30-year-old female who has always been in excellent health. i'm talking like maybe one cold per year, an occasional UTI, and nothing worse than that ever. i found out my vitamin D level was 18 about a month ago, and i live in FL (the sunshine state!). i have an office job where i don't get to spend much, if any, time outside during daylight hours. i started feeling run down last october, and it got progressively worse until one day i collapsed at work. the best way i can describe it is like a car running out of gas. i had no strength to sit at my desk, and i had to lay down on the floor until my boyfriend could come get me and take me home. i missed a little over 2 weeks of work due to severe fatigue, muscle twitching, an internal sensation of tremor, muscle cramps, shortness of breath, and just generally feeling unwell. this progressed to terrible brain fog, dizziness, panic attacks, and other cognitive symptoms that are just not me. i saw my PCP and a neurologist, who ran a bunch of blood tests (EXCEPT vitamin D!), and all was normal. they concluded that i probably had a weird virus that would pass. i started taking a multivitamin then to help boost my immune system that had a little D in it, but not much.

fast forward to january when i was only feeling marginally better and still had to miss work here and there because i didn't have the energy to work. a friend from college who is now a doctor suggested i see a rheumatologist to make sure it wasn't something autoimmune (my worst fear). the rheumy checked my D level and found it to be 18 (all other labs were normal - hooray!). at the rheumy's advice, i started taking vitamin D3 1000IU daily with 600 mg of calcium carbonate twice a day for about a month, and i started feeling MUCH better within a few days (btw, my serum calcium has always measured normal at 9.9-10.2). but after about 2 weeks of supplementing, i started feeling progressly worse again. a coworker had his vitamin D level tested after hearing mine was low. his was low, too, but his doctor told him to take 5000IU daily with calcium and magnesium. he sees a naturopath. i upped my intake of vitamin d to 4800IU daily after hearing what his doctor advised him. that was about a week ago, and each day i have felt a little worse than the day before...muscle weakness and tiredness. some twitching, aching, and cramps again. and today i'm dizzy with brain fog.

i saw my rheumy for a follow up yesterday, and she told me that i shouldn't take vitamin D with a high fiber breakfast because she has observed that her patients don't absorb it as well with fiber. well, i have been taking it immediately following my fiber one cereal up until about 3 days ago! she said that there is no research on the fibery meal absorption issue, but that she has observed that her patients seem to absorb vitamin D better when taken with less fiber and a little bit of fat in a meal since it is fat soluable. she wants to check my vitamin D level again in 2 months. she said it was okay to up my intake to 4800IU daily. i have been eating fiber one cereal daily for about 5 years due to constipation issues, so i wonder if that wouldn't lead to some of my deficiency...

so, my questions...has anyone else had this nightmare array of symptoms with vitamin D deficiency? most days i feel like i only have the energy to go to work (if that), and then i have to come home and immediately go to bed. i'm not really tired as if i need to go to sleep, i just have NO ENERGY. at times, even laying down feels like it's taking too much energy. i'm worried that my deficiency isn't even really as severe as i've read in other cases (some people as low as 6!), but my symptoms seem to be more severe...

and how long will it take me to start feeling like myself again? after 4 months of this, i am so ready to have my life back! my boyfriend is starting to say "there must be something else going on," and he mostly thinks it's in my head and that i'm manifesting symptoms of anxiety. well, i AM anxious, but it's secondary to all my other symptoms.

also, what has been your experience with taking magnesium with vitamin D and calcium? i have been trying to read everything i can find on this subject, but some info is conflicting, and my rheumy didn't seem to be fully knowledgeable about whether or not i needed to add magnesium.

thanks in advance!

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