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Suspicious nodule. Second Biopsy?

I had a biopsy done on 2 nodules, one right (1/2 cm), one left (1 cm). The left came back as "suspicious". During the same phone conversation with my doctor that I found out, he said he was scheduling me to meet with the surgeon. Then he told me that the surgeon would remove the entire thyroid as well as my lymph nodes.
Maybe I'm missing something huge here, but I would think the nodule should be biopsied again or a scan completed. I will be going to Dana Farber on Monday, with my slides, for a second opinion.
My background is this:
-I am 36 years old
-Difficulty swallowing (which prompted the first ultrasound, which showed nodules of no concern to doctor #1)
-Follow-up with new doctor, where he ordered blood work. Perfect levels, but said not to cancel Endo appointment
-Endo did ultrasound in office, nodules looked solid, did biopsy (2 sweeps each, left one was painful!)
-Strongly believe the difficulty swallowing was allergies now
To me, the thyroidectomy seems like the last resort, not the first choice.

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