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Re: Please Evaluate my Labs... opinions please

Bill you and I are a lot alike! I quit drinking 2 years ago, after getting that scare with the liver enlargement. Yea your right, the older you get, the more you value your health.
Im 47, how old are you if you don't mine my asking?

They did measure the size of your liver, thats an automatic with an ultrasound. If they didn't comment, then it was normal. But from my understanding, a normal size spleen is more important, as you probably already know.

One of my "signs" that I have been noticing lately are veins in my abdomen. Im a little over-weight and out of shape. But after reading online that distending abdominal veins are a sign of Cirrhosis, what do I do? I begin to examine my abdomen. I see shades of blue here and there. I can definitely see veins. In th morning I see no veins at all, as the day wears on I see more. After I work out at the gym I see more. There are a couple that seem to be very visible sometimes. Like today I was in the car for 2 hours, when I got home I look at my chest and on the sides I see a couple that are almost raised a little. So now I'm terrified I am developing portal hypertension.
I had an ultrasound exactly one year ago, which hopefully would shave detected PE, but I still worry.
And before that one year again.
The US from 2 years ago was at a major NY hospital and it was a doppler US which shows blood flow, very good at seeing the hepatic tree in the liver.
the on least year was in the Dr.s office on a portable machine, I'm not sure if he used doppler or not on that one
Im very tempted to see a different doctor again and try to get another US, just to ease my mind if nothing else. But I hate to start "looking for trouble" so I'm debating that.

Do you plan to repeat any testing?