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Re: recovering from stroke on 01/19/12 my birthday

Hello to you and have found such a wonderful place to be at his early stage of your stroke recovery. Most of us here are also stroke survivors, and survivors we are! A stroke is a major event in our brains that do take lots of time to recover from, but you have many things on your side already.

You did not mention your age, but the fact that you have had an active life (I am assuming, being a teacher), and were in good health (again, assuming by the fact that you worked full time)...not to mention that you are already able to type, one finger or not!

I share some of your experiences... I too, am a survivor of multiple strokes. I had four, when I was snorkeling, plus a heart attack. I did not however have such a positive outcome at first. I spent the first three years unable to talk, walk, write, or even think straight, I was asleep a good part of the time. My biggest recovery began when I came here in my fourth year, I am now nine years into my recovery. By now, I can do anything I could do before, and have found a new and wonderful life after my strokes. They have taught me so much about myself and life.

Everything you are experiencing is completely normal. Please do not try and rush through this phase, the brain is doing everything possible to re-establish the connections that make all of your lost functions work again. Until those blood supplies are all re-routed, and the signals are all connected again, your brain will shut down some of its lesser important functions. That is the reason for lots of sleep, Most of your healing is being done while you sleep, so by all means, sleep when ever you can. Do not try to overdo it. Allow yourself all the time you need to recover, because it is imperative for a full recover. While I know you are used to a very busy life with lots of people counting on you, this is a time just for you to focus on you. This is one of the hardest part for many people.

I have found that life slows way down for us stroke survivors. after all, your life has been spared for some reason. It is not to jump back into the rat race and do it all over again. This is the time for reflection and searching your soul for your purpose in being spared the worst possibilities of stroke. At least these are my interpretations...

The one thing that many of us have learned is how beautiful the simple pleasures of life are. These are the things that we can focus on while the rest is speeding by.

You might want to read a thread on this board called,"What is the best thing you have learned from your stroke" or something similar. It gives you an idea of what some of us have found in our stroke recovery.

For now, this is your place to ask questions, seek advice, and have a shoulder to lean on,,, We all have been where you are right now, and we understand all that you are going through. It is ok to be mad, sad, and confused, anything goes. I hope you find thing place to be a grea tool for you during this difficult time..We welcome you to our family!


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