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Re: My toenails are not healthy

Originally Posted by flamesabers View Post
Hello nec1912.

When I had toenail fungus my toenails oftentimes would become brittle and easy to peel away. Once the fungus cleared up my toenails were no longer brittle. Have you tried taking a calcium supplement to see if that strengthens your toenails or have you talked to your doctor to see if there's any medication that could be beneficial for your toenails?
I don't think it is a toenails fungus do to it is like that on all toenails and it is not black,brown,green or yellow the toenail.Also if I do not wash my feet for long time and do not try to cut it well it looks normal.I think the water is too hard on it or I'm soaking it in water for too long.

I get very little calcium in my diet and do not eat the best may be that is the problem ??

Most of my foods are starchy foods and protein and very little darry product and fruits.And vegetables may be about 2 or 3 times in a week.

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