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Re: crps 1 or 2 or both is done...and I don't really know anything..BIG SURPRISE....He tried to call w/c and they were out to lunch..another big surprise, they've been out to lunch over a yr. now.
Told him everything...he was surprised to see me, as w/c told him I was getting a new dr. and then I presented him with my IME which he didn't know about..again surprise!
Told him it should not take 5mths to get another opinion, he agreed. I said when you tell w/c to do tests etc. they do it..tell them I need a new dr. a physiatrist who can handle this properly and then I said apparently I have been going to the wrong type of dr all this time. Please tell them that this CRPS requires urgency, they obviously don't get it, if it were their arm they would know what urgent meant. Then in leaving after 1 and half hrs....he tries to schedule a new appt. with me for 2 weeks out, I said do I really need another appt. b/c once you speak to w/c I need to be going to the physiatrist, he agreed and said he would call me after speaking with them....Crazy!!
to be continued after he calls me....hoping and praying for that BIG SURPRISE call to be in my favor.