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Re: opinions please---a bit worrisome

Hello all,

Not sure how to update, so I am just doing a reply to myself. I am writing this just in case someone else would have a similar experience or questions, maybe it will help.

I had another colonoscopy on Jan 30, 2012. That makes three in six months, with the next one in three more months.

My wife and I were not satisfied with the answers (or lack of) my first doctor was giving. He basically just blew me off--with the attitude that "I am the doctor--". We transferred to Mayo Clinic, which we are lucky as we are only 40 miles away.

Long story short, I have been diagnosed with HPPS (hyperplastic polyposis syndrome). I think I got the best of all the syndromes if you have to have one. It is rare, and not much known about it, but there are worse ones to have without a doubt.

So, I wanted to make a couple of points for anyone who might want to listen:

1. Colonoscopies are not that bad--you get hungry, you have to drink some crap (I liked move-prep a bit better that go-litley), spend some time in the bathroom, and get put to sleep. It is much better then the option of cancer.

2. If you feel your doctor is not listening--or doesn't answer your questions to your satisfaction---MOVE ON. Be your own advocate, as sometimes that is what it takes. Mayo Clinic said if I would not have come to them and followed up for myself, that I would have developed cancer in less than 5 years.

3. If you have numerous polyps, start asking questions. If I have it right, one or two may be normal and expected at 50 to 60 years of age. More than 10 is abnormal---don't ignore it. Sounds like 10 or more, depending on a few other items, and they start considering that a person may have one of the syndromes that increase the risk of colon cancer.

4. Even though the colonoscopies are not that much fun, most of the syndromes are hereditary----so it might make a difference for your siblings, and for your children to follow through.

Best of luck to you all.

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