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Hi, You have certainly had the run around. I feel your "heated" pain. I have been having the hot cold issues for a few months along with the colorful changes in my hands and feet. A bit of background (12/10 ACDF 2 levels, car accident 9/2011) In my opinion I have CRPS. My ortho is not sure as it is not has area of expertise. He sent me to a vascular dr. I went to the chief of Vascular Surgery at LIJ. He said I had CRPS based on my descriptions, what he saw first hand (my hands and feet were very cooperative)and prior EMG's and MRI's. Then tried to figure out what to do with the info. I was told to find a physiatrist that is knowledgeable with CRPS. Not so easy. Finally did and went to the appointment. He felt it wasn't CRPS due to similar symptoms in both hands and feet. He said that it generally affects either the right or left but not both at the same time. He felt is was Raynauds. Not so sure I agree as I have not read anywhere that Raynauds causes the burning heat. He did say he would perform an EMG to test for nerve damage not sure if he was referring to one or both hands or my feet. He also stated that he could perform a Stellate Ganglion nerve block. If that helps then he is wrong and it is CRPS if not it may be Raynauds. At this point I am ready to schedule the nerve block. I just want my life back and to be painfree again. It took my more than 5 years to bit the bullet and have my neck fused. I was feeling so good after 6-7 months post surgery. Now I feel I am back to everyday being filled with various amounts of pain. Sorry for ranting and carrying on. Generally I do have a positive outlook. I am thankful that the car accident was after I had been fused and the car that was in front of me had just turned. Hope all of you have a painfree day.