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5 months pregnant/Diagnosed with Giant Sclerosing Hemangioma ~ NEED INFO!

2 weeks ago I had my ultrasound to check the babyís anatomy, unfortunately (by chance) a 12 cm growth by my liver was also found, it equates to the size of a softball, my ultrasound abruptly ended and after a radiologist and an OB/GYN was consulted I was told I needed an MRI immediately. Everything became a whirlwind of stress, emotions, and questions from here on out. Iíve never felt so helpless or cried so many tears. I had an abdominal MRI two days later, the following day I was told that the radiologist diagnosed it (like a kiss of death) as giant lymphoma sarcoma, I have never felt in such fear and distress in my life. The following day I had a surgical biopsy, because of my pregnancy I was highly aware of the procedure and associated pain which was bad enough on its own. The doctor had a very bleak conversation with me about the steps that would be necessary if this was an aggressive cancer. He refused to give any forethought to what this mass was even after reviewing the MRI. After a week of despair, no sleep, and mine and my childís lives flashing before my eyes my doctor called with my biopsy results. I have a 12cm by 8 cm sclerosing hemangioma on or by the left lobe of my liver. The doctor wants me to meet with a general surgeon sometime before I give birth and I wasn't given any more information after that.

Can anyone give me any information about this? I have no symptoms. The growth is large but is it possible it will decrease after pregnancy? Can I have a natural birth or is rupturing a possibility. Are there are treatments other than liver transplant at this size? It appears information is very limited on this subject so any help would be truly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

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