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Re: vitamin D deficiency. does that explain my symptoms?

hi, sany! thanks for your interest and support, although i'm sorry to hear you're feeling as cruddy as me!

the past couple of days, i have been taking my D3 first thing in the morning after eating a big scoop of peanut butter and drinking a glass of almond milk (for the calcium)...then i try to wait about an hour before eating my regular cereal so that the D can bind to the fat in the peanut butter and my body will hopefully absorb it better (i read about someone doing this on another post about vitamin D!). i think that that's helped me feel a little better over the past few days, so hopefully that trend will continue. i was actually able to get out and have lunch with my sister, go to hobby lobby, and walk my dog around the block which i haven't had energy to do in a while! haven't felt quite so foggy headed either, although when going out and about, all the activity in the restaurant seemed to overwhelm my senses...hard to explain exactly; just felt like i was hearing and seeing everything going on all at one time and my brain was on overload. my sister has a coworker with vitamin D issues, and the coworker told her that she seems to only be able to absorb a certain brand of vitamin D3 supplement, and she has tried them all. i am taking solgar brand, which i have always taken before (i'm vegetarian, so i make sure i keep up with my B complexes), and i know them to be excellent quality. they cost a pretty penny at the local health food store, but they are worth it!

i went ahead and tried some magnesium with my vitamin D, and it gave me diarrhea. i read that if that happens, you don't have a deficiency and you should only take it to the point that your bowel tolerates it. so, guess i get plenty from my diet!

i think what is worrying me most is that my weakness seems really localized to my left upper arm and left thigh...the one-sidedness worries me, although i am left-handed, so maybe the weakness comes from using my dominant side more? i have twitching and muscle cramps/aches in both arms and legs. i have also been quite dizzy off and on, although some improvement in that over the past few days since taking my peanut butter/D3 combo. i had a CT back when all of this of my initial symptoms was numbness/tingling bilaterally in my hands, feet, and sometimes mouth and tongue, which now comes and goes (seems to of course happen when my anxiety is highest). the CT was negative, which put my mind at ease quite a bit. but i am concerned that a lot of these symptoms match up with MS from what i have read. my doctor assured me that MS doesn't initially present like this. at the same appointment when i had the CT, the found that my potassium was a bit low, but they said it wasn't low enough to cause any of the symptoms i've been having, and it's since come up in the normal range.

since i posted, another friend found out his D3 is practically 0 and his doctor diagnosed him with osteomalacia (pretty much the adult form of rickets, from what i understand)...but he says he hasn't noticed most of the symptoms i've had. he said he's pretty much felt the same with occasional achy bones. i wonder if being female and needing calcium in a different way than men means us ladies have different symptoms when our vitamin D is out of whack?

i would love to stay in touch for support! there are days when i just want to cry because i want my life back so badly! i want to ride my bike to work again, and go hiking on the weekends, and have the energy to go a late movie with my it is, there are days when walking out to the street to get the mail from my mailbox feels like about all i can do. i sure hope you feel better very soon!

p.s. sorry for lots of typos...i write this at 4:30am as i just got the call that my sister is in labor and is going to the hospital! waiting to get the call that my first niece is definitely on her way so i can head up there! another precious reason i need lots of energy!

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