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Re: vitamin D deficiency. does that explain my symptoms?

hi, jen. thanks for all that helpful info! i will definitely try K2 and ezorb! and i am trying to accept this as a lesson in patience...i appreciate you reassuring me that this will just take a while to correct. every night, i go to bed thinking "tomorrow will be the day i feel like myself again," but i guess patience is the key.

i've been amazed at how the doctors i've seen seem so uneducated on most vitamin/mineral B vitamin levels were checked when my symptoms began, but they were normal, and my PCP didn't even consider any other deficiency issues. once she decided it was a virus, she pretty much told me to put mind over matter, go back to work, and i'd be okay. very frustrating to find out that this is NOT a mind over matter issue! thank goodness my rheumatologist has some education on vitamin D!