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is this possible?

Hi ya'll,

i've never posted here before, but i would love your advice on this.

My mom works for a state agency, so she has insurance through her work. She has paid her premiums, and our family has had no major medical issues in the 10 + years she has had coverage. The employer made the decision to switch insurance companies starting the first of the year. no worries, we are all healthy, there were no lag days, everything will be ok.

until my dad is admitted to the icu on december 28th with quadruple organ failure. he had a very rough prognosis, but, though God's grace, has made a pretty miraculous recovery. He was in the ICU for over 3 weeks, and had to spend time in a step down unit, and in rehab. he is now home, and recovering nicely.

we get the bill from the hospital, and it is, as expected, in the 6 figures. the problem now is the new company is denying coverage. it is a "pre existing condition."

my dad is not a smoker or a drinker, and had no other heath problems before this happened. the doctors best guess is that he got some sort of virus that settled in his heart, and caused the blood flow to be reduced to his other organs for long enough for them to begin failing.

because he went in in the old policy, and it switched midway through, neither the old or new policy want to cover it. my parents have done everything right, and i don't want anything bad to happen to them.

any advice would be wonderful. thank you.

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