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Re: LPR- Nearly Cured! READ THIS

I won't go into the long story but I've had severe LPR. The stress myth is total bunk in my opinion. Don't walk, run to get your Vitamin D hormone level checked. If it's not at a score of 65, get it there (and keep it there by getting tested every 3 months). If its low take Vit D3 drops or softgels. Also get to try to get to sleep if at all possible between 9-10 pm. And get 10-20 minutes of sunshine each day. It will take awhile to feel better. It worked for me. And I thought my life was over I had such severe LPR (also called silent acid reflux or burning throat symdrome). I thought I would be checking out of this life as I was losing 1-2 lbs a day. All my Drs told me there was nothing more they could do for me. I decided I had to become my own Dr. Also check your B12 lab score. If its not close to 800 start taking a B Complex. I also take a fish oil free of toxins. Let us know if this helps you.

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