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Re: is this a lifelong fight?

Originally Posted by Saddie098 View Post
Hi friendindeed,
Just returned from a short get away. It was so important for me to do this, I have been really stressed out. The thing is I don't know why..... I feel alittle better but that gray cloud still looms over my head. I hope you are feeling better. I will see my Doc the first of the month and I hope she has some answers for me about the hynosis. Take care, I think of you often.
Your friend in need, Saddie
Hello Saddie

Been a while since I have posted as have been busy myself. I have had no major attacks of late but went through a stage where I could feel one looming and it's hard to explain to somone, it's like a threat hanging over you and as much as you try to push it away it just hangs there waiting so maybe the cloud thing is similar. I hope you had some luck with your doctor re the hypnosis. I'd be very interested to hear about your news. Good luck. Take care.