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Re: LIS (Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy) Recovery

Hi Tweetums

I wish my recovery was going smoother! I am on day 14 after my surgery and it seems like I have some rough days and better days but I am concerned about my healing. I have total faith in my colo-rectal surgeon and will see him tomorrow to see how my healing is progressing.

I'm curious about the burning sensation you're having as it is one of the things happening to me as well. Mine only occurs if I take a warm bath after a bowel movement. Last night, I made the mistake of trying to take a warm bath after my bowel movement and suffered with "burning" and soreness for about 6 hours! I am still testing this theory but it seems that if I have a bowel movement and don't take a warm bath, I recover much faster.

Do you know where the burning is coming from? Is it coming from the skin around the anus on the outside or does it seem like it is coming from the muscle/incision site? I wonder if we're experiencing a similar thing and if so, let's hope it is normal for our recoveries!!

My Dr. mentioned that I may have dermatitis on the skin around the anus. He recommended some creams which I use after a bowel movement. I had been using soothing aloe/witch hazel wipes for two months before the surgery which may have made my skin raw and thus giving me an additional burning sensation. As though the fissure was not bad enough! . I too had a fissurectomy and LIS two weeks ago.

I would love to compare and contrast our recoveries even though I know everyone is different and heals differently! It is just nice talking to someone going through the same thing. It has been rough!

Hope you are feeling better today!!! I am going on day 14 of bed rest and can only lay on my left side. Are you out of bed walking around yet? I only make it as far as the bathroom for now and have some weird flipping of my muscle.

In the midst of all this, I also learned that I have to be very careful about my fiber source and intake. You always hear..."take fiber" but the source did make a difference in my case. Psyllium husk made my stool bulky even with plenty of water. It made it so bulky that my stool couldn't get through my poor anus!!!!!! Since this horrible episode, I get fiber from prunes, veggies and fruits because these do not bulk up the stool and leave my stools soft and solid. Everyone is different in what they're body can and cannot handle. It just bites that I had to learn about what my body cannot handle right after a rectal surgery.

Take care and best wishes on your recovery!! You are certainly not alone.